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At RPM Automotive, we set ourselves apart from our competition by taking the time to cultivate a trusting relationship. We strive to provide the best possible service and price to our customers. RPM Automotive is owner operated, and the owner carries 17 years of experience as an automotive technician. We cater to customers, and take pride in doing so. We are a local, family run business that is proud to call Bend our home.



Spring means sunny days, warmer weather, and of course, road trip season! Most people are gearing up for spring cleaning at home, but your vehicle can also benefit from some spring cleaning. I'm not just talking about washing away that winter grime. Your vehicle has air filters that help keep contaminates from entering the cabin. These filters become less efficient as time goes on. These filters actually trap and store dust, pollen, and other allergens. The filters should be inspected regularly, and replaced as needed. Your vehicle's manufacturer will list service intervals for these filters, but we live in a dusty area and your filters may need to be replaced sooner. As you will see in the pictures below, there are other reasons for the filters becoming contaminated. In Central Oregon, we have a high rodent population. On cool nights, your vehicle's warm engine provides an inviting place for them to seek shelter. We have seen rodent nests in all kinds of places in vehicles. We often see vehicles come in with a smell from the heater vents. On many occassions, we find that the air filters are clogged with nesting materials. Poor air flow is also a sign of clogged filters. Give us a call today to be sure you're breathing clean air this spring!

What our customers are saying

RPM is an excellent auto shop, run with integrity and honesty.  Tricia was very lovely to work with and went out of her way to get me scheduled.  She even personally picked up and returned my vehicle after being serviced!  Nestor has extensive automotive knowledge, extremely thorough and is a very personable mechanic, as well.  Best service I have ever received, RPM is choice! 

Thanks Nestor & Tricia!! <3

B. Hunter