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Super Subaru Sale!

Published: Monday - February 8, 2016

subaru shocks

Happy New Year

Published: Sunday - January 3, 2016


When the new year rolls around, most of us make a few resolutions that, let's be honest, we probably won't keep! One thing I know for sure, most people plan to take better care of their bodies in the coming year, but often forget the importance of taking good care of their vehicle. Like us, cars need care and attention to stay in good shape. Yes, yes, I know it sounds wierd to think that a vehicle can be "out of shape", but its true. Every time you drive your vehicle there are hundreds of moving parts that, at any time, can fail. These parts failures can do a number on your wallet. Often times we can prevent or monitor a problem if we spot it early enough. Do you plan to go to the doctor for a check up this year? The dentist? How about your mechanic? If you have any concerns with you vehicle, please call us today and let us see how we can help make this a true HAPPY new year! 

Shocktober Sale

Published: Thursday - October 1, 2015


Fall Savings

Published: Monday - September 21, 2015
fall savings

Timing Belt Special

Published: Friday - August 14, 2015

      We are happy to offer a little bit of relief as the summer season comes to a close. We are offering a $50 savings on Honda and Acura timing belt services through September 4th, 2015.

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