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It's Time To Talk About Timing...

Published: Monday - March 13, 2017

Some of you may know what a timing belt is and what it does. Some of you may not know and are afraid to ask. Well, the timing belt is like your spine, it allows you to run or walk. An engine can be separated into two pieces: torso and legs. The timing belt is what keeps the torso and legs synchronized. Once the timing belt breaks, legs will move while the torso will not. This will cause the engine to STOP RUNNING!!!!

There are many times when our customers ask us to inspect the condition of the timing belt. We advise them that is impossible to know how many more miles or years the belt will last. Often times, the timing belt doesn't show any cracks. There are ZERO signs of fatigue or physical damage, yet the timing belt can still fail.

Most timing belts have a life expectancy of 90,000-100,000 miles or 7 years, whichever comes first. Not replacing your timing belt during the recommend service interval can cause severe engine failure and inconvenience. To help keep your engine running strong we are offering a $75 OFF special through March 31st, just in time for SPRING BREAK!

Winter Windshield

Published: Tuesday - January 10, 2017

Winter Driving

Published: Monday - December 5, 2016
Winter Driving
Winter DrivingWinter Driving

'Tis The Season...For Holiday Travel

Published: Tuesday - November 15, 2016


Welcome To Summer!

Published: Tuesday - July 19, 2016

    Summer is in full swing in Central Oregon. For many of us, that means packing up the car, kids, and dogs and hitting the road. There are a few things you may notice as you embark on your summer journeys. First, you take a lot of stuff! Even if you are just enjoying a day trip, the amount of items that typically get wedged into the car significantly increases in
the summer. Many people add a cargo carrier to the roof, or even on the tow hitch, that also gets loaded with stuff. Speaking of the tow hitch...do you haul a boat or travel trailer with your vehicle? If so, your fluids need to be changed regularly to prevent costly repairs. Hauling extra weight can also affect brakes. Have you noticed a decline in the response from your brake pedal? If you tow often, this may happen sooner rather than later. We can perform a pre-trip safety check on your vehicle. Let us help you hit the road with peace of mind. Maybe you've already done your summer traveling...we can help there too! If your vehicle has spent some time carrying more than it's fair share of weight, we can bounce your suspension back to life with new shocks and/or struts. Give us a call today to schedule your next appointment.


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